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What the heck is it???

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This plant came up voluntarily in my herb garden. We are in Idaho. It has a single large stem that is bright red for the 1st couple of inches out of the ground. The purple flowers are orchid type with a elephants trunk coming out of the base of the flower. They are attached directly to the stem. Have searched and searched the internet. Any thoughts.




A closr view of the flower and a leaf would be helpful, if you can manage it.

31 Aug, 2008


My thought would be: look for Idiho weeds. Voluntarily coming up plants often are weeds, coming from a neglected place and the seeds blown in by the wind. Otherwise ask DiIdiho, she is very knowlegdable. I love the dogs tail there behind the plants, pitty it didn't look round the corner.
Have you cut one of those branches to see if any white milky stuff comes out? In that case it would be from the dogbane family, toxic too! I wouldn't have it amongst my herbs I think.

31 Aug, 2008


Try Himalayan Balsam, it does look suspicously like it although it is a bit difficult to see it properly.
Hope you solve this.

2 Sep, 2008

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