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Looking after a Laurel Hedge

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My father's pride and joy is a Laurel hedge, and it now falls to me to carry on the good work.
However, I know very little about gardening and even less about Laurel trees.
How often should they be fed, with what type of feed and which months?
When and how ofter should they be pruned?
I am afraid I don't know what type they are, except that they have shinny leaves and have never had any flowers.
Any advice you could give me would be most appreciated.
Thank You



It should have scented flowers in spring - and it can be pruned in late spring (after flowering) and/or in midsummer, you should be careful about inhaling the gas from cut leaves - it gives off a sort of strychnine gas - some people are more susceptible than others!(wear a mask) also - prune it regularly to keep it thick and glossy - if left it will quickly get out of hand. Unless you have terribly poor soil i would not feed or water it - it will grow quick enough on its own!!

30 Aug, 2008


Don't bother to feed it. When pruning do not cut the leaves, it is better to reduce the hedge carefully just by taking small branches out cutting into the soft wood. It takes more time but it can be done quite neatly ,there is nothing worse than a chewed off Laurel hedge.

31 Aug, 2008

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