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has anyone ever taken cuttings from a fig tree. i have a couple of brown turkish fig trees. one needs cutting back but rather than waste the cuttings i would like to propogate them. any tips welcomed. also are they decidious or evergreen



Hi Islander~
fig trees lose their leaves I think~ at least mine does!.
My daughter recently chopped up a rubber tree plant and whilst the cuttings were literally fresh off the plant I dipped them in Clonex rooting gel and had them in soil in seconds. They were placed inside large polythene bags~watered when the pots were getting lightweight.
nine out of ten survived and are now good sized plants~what have you got to lose? Good luck!

3 Nov, 2010


thanks Arlene will give it a go.

4 Nov, 2010


sorry i'm a bit late but browsing thr gdng questions i saw your query on 'figs in Orkney' - intriguing, do they grow up there at all? or just in a greenhouse??
i have successfully taken cuttings in the last 10 years some of which are now about 2m high.
if you have them , try taking suckers and with a heel attached, if no suckers just go for a cutting, or rather a few of them, to give yourself more of a chance.
i do mine in the autumn but in the uk it might be better to take them in spring, and dont overwater them, they are dry soil plants, the dryer the better, especially when they are established.
having said all that you have probl already done your pruning.
they lose their leaves in winter, bu it's lovely to see the young ones unfold in the spring as they are so beautiful

29 Apr, 2011

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