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hello all,ive planted chysanthamums in the summer and didnt expect them to get so big,one a little pink ball and a white sort of mophead,i need to know what to do with them,do i just wait till they stop flowering then cut them down and where to cut them,ive never grown them before and didnt expect them to come up so well,chris



Cut them back a little once they stop blooming, but leave long stubs to collect snow or hold mulch for protection over the winter. Cut the stubs off in spring as the new growth comes up. You can keep them a little shorter and more compact by pinching out the growing tips every 3-5 leaves over the summer, but stop that in late August so they can form flower buds.

3 Nov, 2010


Dont hold your breath if they were very small plants bought at a GC this summer? My 3 didnt survive last winter. Have you a green house if so you could over winter them?

3 Nov, 2010


The earlier and smaller the flowers are, the greater the likelihood that they are a variety intended for landscaping--as opposed to florist's use--and so quite hardy outdoors. After the monster winter the UK had last winter, I wouldn't be surprised at florist's mums succumbing!

6 Nov, 2010

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