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1. Busy lizzie 2. Smelly rain water in butt

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1. Any idea why my Busy lizzie plants suddenly started to shed leaves and flowers in mid-August? Each plant in turn was affected all around the garden. Although there have been a large number of snails and slugs this year, they do not appear to be the culprits.
2. I collect rain water from the roof in butts but in a short while the water smells of bad eggs (hydrogen sulphide) .Can this be prevented? Does it harm plants?

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We have had a good number of questions like yours on Busy Lizzies not doing well this year - sadly, it's the weather. Poor things suffered from damp and not enough sun - like me! I hope that someone else knows the answer to your water butt question!

29 Aug, 2008


My busy lizzies have gone the same but mine is the problem of catapillars. You can get water treatment from B+Q or any good hypermarket, its suppose to clean the water to kill any bacteria + smell, all it is in water butts is stagnant water when its left to stand.

29 Aug, 2008


i have the same problem with the water becoming smelly in warm weather. I never fancied putting anything into the butt when the water is going to be put on the flowers. However, I've never found it did any harm to them and the smell disappears when the weather gets cooler.

29 Aug, 2008

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