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Mealy bugs

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In our office all plants on one side of the room have mealy bugs. We have spent a fortune in sprays and time and effort trying to destory them. We have after 2 years given up the fight and decided to destroy the plants and get rid of the soil. We hope to wash the pots and get new soil and get new plants.

The question is will it be okay to put plants back in that area. We have cleaned the hard surfaces but cannot ensure that the carpet and other area are clean from bugs. How long should we leave the area before replanting?



What are mealy bugs they sound horrid sorry i know this doesn't help you out but i'm curious.

29 Aug, 2008


my guide says
Mealybug infestations are usually first noticed as a fluffy white wax produced in leaf axils or other sheltered places on the plant. The insects or their orange-pink eggs can be found underneath this substance.

Heavy infestations may result in an accumulation of sugary excrement known as honeydew. This makes the plant sticky and encourages the growth of sooty moulds.

However tried just about everything to get rid of them and have finally thrown some lovely plants away, but it was just time consuming trying to kill them. Just too scared to bring new plants in in case they are lurking somewhere ready to pounce!

29 Aug, 2008


I have had mealybug in my greenhouse for several years now. Although you can spray them or wipe off with meths they always seem to reappear. The problem is that I got them along with a plant I bought and they just spread to all the rest especially cacti.If you've cleaned up well there should not be a problem but examine the new plants carefully to make sure they don't come with their own supply!

29 Aug, 2008


you learn something new every day. thanks and good luck i'm sure you'll of got em all

30 Aug, 2008

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