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lawn trouble

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I have recently laid new turf in my garden ( end of april ) I laid it on a good foundation and I have watered it and stayed off it as advised. Then I have been mowing it reguarly as told to. However, athough the grass grows long, it isn't very dense. It was quite a decent turf ( rowlwan medallion ) and I must say I am slightly dissapointed in it. Is there anything I can do to it in order to make it more lush rather than just long. Many thanks




you want to use a lawn feed to boost the thickness of the grass you can always go back to rolawn or try a company call QLawns where I have bought my lawn feed from. you just have to apply it early autumn and use an autumn winter feed this time of year. apply it early autumn and it should sort it out, i bought mine direct from site at but i think you can call them but i dont know what the number is.

thanks, Hannah

29 Aug, 2008


Was the lawn overwatered in the beginning, is it in a shady spot & has the surface of the lawn got hard? To rectify, aereate with a light spiking & fertilise with a winter/autumn fertiliser.

29 Aug, 2008


Everyone is telling you to get fertiliser/lawn feed, that's bad advice, I'm sorry but it is, fertiliser/lawn feed is only meant to enhance already good growing conditions it is not meant to produce good growing conditions. If your lawn is doing as bad as you say it is, then I'm sorry to tell you but the conditions are wrong. Now you can give it a lawn feed and you may get temporary results but it will not get to the cause of the problem which is the conditions that the lawn is subject too on a daily basis.

It is possible that you shouldn't of put a lawn there in the first place. Assess conditions such as 1. Soil i.e. (nutrient content, Ph level, consistency) 2. Irrigation (water) 3. Drainage 4. Light 5. Subject to animals 6. Subject to human traffic 7. Pollution (it's possible).

Anyway assess all the conditions before you start blowing your good money on fertilisers and lawn feeds.

Take care,


29 Aug, 2008

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