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Question about planting out climbers. I have a jasmine officinale and am looking to get a Clematis 'Bill Mackenzie'. Both young plants, the jasmine about 2 1/2 feet and i think the Clematis will be the same.
The jasmine i have potted into a 11/12litre pot in midsummer, it has not rooted out the pot yet there are no roots at drainage holes and the plant has not grown much since i got it in midsummer although it does look healthy. My question is -I plan to train them up and over a metal arch,the cheap kind you can buy at the shops. I have two large 30litre wooden tubs that i will push the arch into and then train the climbers up....
Would it be best to wait un till next spring to pot the climbers into the large tubs(large enough i hope?)? Or shall/can i move them into the big tubs now?

Many Thanks in advance for any help offered.



You will get better results in the spring, moving them now will disturb the root system and promote growth now which will be checked by cold weather. The tubs should be large enough. Put pebbles on top of the soil to keep the roots cool and stop them drying out.

20 Oct, 2010

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