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By Jangue

Somerset, United Kingdom

Hello again! THis is the first geranium I have planted and I would like to know what it is called. Also why do some of the leaves look different? Should I have pruned it by now - it has tripled in size (which is a good thing as I wanted some ground cover) Sorry if these questions are very basic!!!



There are a few of these bright pink Geraniums. Geranium endressii is similar and I had one called 'Wargrave Pink' that was a ringer for this. (It seeded everywhere as well) It is finished growing now, so you can cut it back as you wish.

18 Oct, 2010


Jan - you may remember that I've talked about pink geraniums that spread. You can dig out a clump and chop off part of it, then replant the rest, otherwise, they will spread and spread some more. It's worth tackling, believe me!

19 Oct, 2010


Thanks to both of you. I know I said I wanted some ground cover but I take it this will take my small garden over if I'm not careful!

19 Oct, 2010


Yes, definitely. I've been digging a lot of mine out this summer - and replanting with non-spreading ones - well, not as invasive, anyway! :-))

19 Oct, 2010

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