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Recycled food.


By Pauln

United Kingdom Gb

Am i been over worried about the amount of cooked food waste been collected by local councils for recycling. I was told many years ago not to put cooked waste food on compost heaps. Many thousands of tons of waste cooked food is collected and turned into compost and will be spread on gardens and fields and change the diets of insects and birds. I would like to get some opinions on this matter.



The only reason I know for not composting cooked food at home is that it attracts rats! So the councils composting food are doing us a favour. Once it's all composted properly, you wouldn't know what was in there. It will all become good stuff to use on the garden or fields. I can't see why it should change the diet of insects or birds.

28 Aug, 2008


Fair question Paul, does cooking the food make it less organic or toxic? Composting generates heat, a cooking if you will of your organic material, slower than your cooker for sure but necessary to break it down...I wonder about say a forest fire that leaves the ground "cooked", left to its own, new growth springs out and the wildlife still thrives in the new area? I think cooked food is ok, but avoid meat scraps as it does attract rodents more than veggies. If your compost pile is cribbed it should deter the rodents, have seen chicken wire used to keep out unwelcome guests :)

29 Aug, 2008

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