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I have a "fruitless plum tree" (has some, but few fruits) in my garden in a semi-arid climate (Albuquerque). The tree appears healthy, but sheds a sticky sap from the foliage that is making a mess on my patio. I have to wash my patio, umbrella, furniture, every week with soapy water and a brush. Is this normal? Is there anything that can be done about it?



Does the tree have a suitable pollinator nearby? This would be another plum that flowers at the same time. Are there plenty of insects around when it is in flower!

18 Oct, 2010


Sounds as though an aphid is feeding on the leaves. Aphids exude a sugary liquid (honeydew), which collects on the leaves below. You may find, too, that a dark mould forms on the upper surfaces of the leaves. If so, that's 'sooty mould' which forms on the honeydew, and a clear indication of the presence of aphids. Phil J

18 Oct, 2010

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