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Death Cap mushrooms/toadstools

essex, England Eng

While having a general tidy up in my mums garden, her gardener found 2 what he reconised as 'Death Cap' mushrooms. he has managed to remove them, but fears they may come back. after doing some research on the net he found out that they are, as the name would saggest highly toxic and can kill just from breathing in the spores or touch. apparently they are quite rare and usually only found in woodland. sorry but i do not have a picture of them, as this is second hand information, and they have already been removed. but according to his discription they are bright red with black spots. does anyone know anymore about them? is there a weed killer that will kill all parts of this fungus so that it does not return? or any other way of insuring they do not return. my mum has 3 young grandchildren - my little 3 year old girl included and they always play in her garden. thank you.



Well, they are not Death Caps - I've just googled them and those are greenish with paler stripes, not red with black spots. I had a google and you can see for yourself. I found Fly Agarics which are red, they are not too dangerous, just hallucegenic. Look and see if these are the ones. I'll have another try, too. Later - I googled 'red toadstools' and found a useful set of photos. There doesn't seem to be one with black spots - only the one I mentioned which has white-ish spots. Hope this reassures you.

28 Aug, 2008

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