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Training a Clematis?

Lanarkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have an old tree in the corner of my garden! Like a big bit of driftwood now! Would like to train my clematis up it? Is this possible? Any hints or tips on how to do this? How do i help it hang on?




Clematis don't twine, they have modified leaves that curl around thin supports, so they won't cling on to a trellis, its too chunky. You can buy clematis mesh, and probably the easiest thing to do is attach mesh to the tree stump so the clematis can scramble up.
Whether its a good idea or not I can't say - clematis like their roots in the shade and their heads in the sun, so if you provide those conditions, it should be fine. Also don't know which clematis you've got there...

15 Oct, 2010

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