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we have 1 acre of lawn which has become covered with ants nests this year, how can I get rid of these as my grandchildren cannot play in the garden as they are being bitten.there are about 45 nests



Oh dear - what a task! It seems a shame to kill them, and you have so many. The quickest way is to pour kettles of boiling water on each nest. Then there are ant traps in DIY shops and Garden Centres but this would of course cost quite a bit. They do work, though. (We have a pair of green woodpeckers which do the job for us - would you like to borrow them? lol.) Good luck!

28 Aug, 2008


I have never heard the boiling water trick. I am sure it will also kill the grass in the process. What you really need to do is go to your local nursery or hardware store and buy ant pallets, sprinkle them over the nest. These pallets will be loved by the ants, taken right into their nests, they will feed from them and die. Of course in their nests they have eggs, so these will eventually hatch and you'll have a new batch, repeat the action as soon as you spot them. You will get rid of them. Are there any flowering trees or shrubs in your garden or neighbourhood? These could be sugar ants who are after the nectar. Go and check if you see any running up and down trees or shrubs with flowers and follow them to their nests. I know how you feel with the grandkids. We were also plagued by ants but after treatment had none in the end on the lawn ( had them everywhere else though and only in summer ). Good luck.

28 Aug, 2008


Marguerite, I've read your mention of 'pallets' before, but I don't know what they are. They may be something we can buy in the UK under another name - so please, what are they like?

28 Aug, 2008

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