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Flamingo Tree - Salix integra Hakuro Nishiki

ONTARIO, Canada Ca

I bought one about 2 months ago, and it was very beautiful when I got it, there was pink green and white leaves..... I planted it in my front garden where it gets good sunlight and now it is bare with almost no leaves, and the ones it does have are green then within a matter of days turn to brown and fall off.I have tried giving some Miracle Grow but with no luck, anyone out there that can offer help....

On plant Flamingo Tree - Standard Salix integra Hakuro Nishiki



I'm sorry to hear that, they are so pretty. Has it been windy? Is it too exposed where it is? That may possibly be the problem.

28 Aug, 2008


It is exposed to the wind but it has not been that windy, I live in Toronto Canada and the weather had been really funny this summer cooler at night than usual and lots of rain ???

28 Aug, 2008


It could be just that, sadly. It didn't settle in. Our weather has been terrible this so-called summer! We haven't had one, as yet. maybe a few odd days but mostly cloud, rain and wind. Plants here have done strange things.

28 Aug, 2008


I am going to leave it over the fall and winter and maybe it will come back next year !!!!

28 Aug, 2008


Just spotted this whilst I was looking to replace my tree that died!! I had one that started its first few years moving house and going from the garden into a pot then back into the garden again. It was put into the ropiest bit of soil imagineable with lots of stones and in a very sunny position. There it thrived for 6 years and was admired by everyone. Then for a couple of years a lot of the leaves started turning brown and it eventually died last summer. I did wonder if it was because I trimmed and shaped it at the wrong time. I am now going to replace it with 3 scattered about as it was such a beautiful tree.

24 Apr, 2009


Is it possible you are over/loving it? I mean...too much watering? Plant roots need oxygen too...the dirt should be packed in nicely but be careful not to water so much that the soil is soaked. We have much clay in our neck of the woods and a little water goes a long way. I'm not an expert but have learned a few things the hard way! good luck!

31 May, 2009


I was aghast to find mine also died suddenly after about 5 years of glorious growth. I'm blessed with good soil that drains well and it was in a protected but sunny spot, so logged on here to see if there are any ideas.

9 Aug, 2009


why are the leaves on my salix hakuro-nishiki turning brown after a few days

28 Sep, 2009


My parents have this tree and I never knew what it was, it has been planted in the lawn for years and survives all weathers without any feed or care, I am so happy to find out that it is a Flamingo Tree (Salix integra).
I reckon that you should plant it in the ground and let it get settled. My parent's one gets lots of lichen on it's branches but it is really healthy.

26 Feb, 2010

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