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Pruning hybiscus


By Kayb

United Kingdom Gb

Okay, here I am back again...the Canadian living in England with the garden full plants she's never seen. Alright, I have a largish hybiscus which is growing like stink into the garden path, but it hasn't finished blooming. When should I prune it, and how vigorously can I prune it. I presume sometime after flowering. But when??? Help the poor foreigner in Nottingham who's never seen this much rain, water or plants going so wild. Who knew fertilizer could do this?

Kay B.



Hi Kay, your not the only one that has not seen this much rain in August before - this is'nt common place you know! lol we are all cursing about it too! lol - but then us Brits don't need too much of an excuse to moan! lol moaning and queing - we are pretty well known for both! lol anyway getting back to the important stuff - according to my book Hibiscus should be cut back in spring. it says it does'nt need too much pruning - well by the sounds of it yours does, so my advice would be don't be to sissor happy next year, but cut it back to the size you want over the space of 2 or 3 years, a little more each year, if that makes sense!

27 Aug, 2008

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