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Rowan treeWe have had our Rowan 4 years and has grown steadily

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Rowan tree
We have had our Rowan 4 years and has grown steadily. However this year noticed browning of leaves. There has been loads of rain this summer and we are in August so too early for leaf change.Is it possibly a fungus given the wet summer? I have noticed a sort of rust/discoloured blotches on a few other plants this summer. Thanks for your help

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Although we have had plenty of rain, I wonder if it has managed to find its way down to the roots and not evaporated from the surface. I would dig down a little and see how wet the soil is before trying anything else.

20 Aug, 2023


Ok thanks i will check that....

20 Aug, 2023


I have checked as you suggested but it seems quite damp. I have also noticed whitish lichen growing at intersection of branches

20 Aug, 2023


If it is white lichen then it just means that you have clean air so not a problem. You could go down the road of spraying with a fungicide or let the plant take its natural course and see what next year brings.

20 Aug, 2023

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