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What's happening to these rose leaves? This is from a DA rose 'Sheperdhess' and has just finished flowering. Is it due to an unhappy plant or has it been done by an insect I wonder? Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Img_0738 Img_0739



Looks like rust to me. Rose Clear is the usual treatment.

25 Jun, 2023


Thanks owdboggy. Do I spray effected leaves then?

25 Jun, 2023


Looks like leaf miner or scorch to me. Whether you are keen or not, you really need to spray your roses when dormant and then throughout the season by way of protection before the black spot and pests arrive. As OB says, Rose Clear will do the job.

25 Jun, 2023


Those tiny white dots on the leaves looks like white fly damage to me. Check the undersides of the leaves for the culprit. I never could successfully control the whitefly on my roses so I gave up on growing them.

26 Jun, 2023

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