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one of my roses has black blotches on the leaves and then they fall off,does anyone knw what this is,ty



Black Spot. You need to spray with Roseclear. Always best to spray before bud burst and then several times in the year as a preventative. If you happen to grow them up on a trellis or arbour best to spray bare stems and the woodwork too as spores can overwinter on them.

30 Apr, 2023


Will Roseclear kill the pollinating insects though? I have a problem with blackspot too, but worry about sprays.

30 Apr, 2023


Spray at dusk when the moths aren't out yet and the bees and other day fliers have gone 'to bed'.

30 Apr, 2023


ty i will get some now,it is a climber and will spray everything

1 May, 2023


It s advised that you pick up all the infected leaves as leaving them on the soil will help to ensure it happens next year as well...

1 May, 2023

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