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By Cestina

South Bohemia, Czech Republic Cz

Plant ID please.
We have just started planting in the Czech Republic despite frosty nights still. We have this coming up in pots all over the courtyard and suspect it is a weed despite the leaves resembling those of the dianthus. Can anyone ID it please? Many thanks.

Leaves1 Leaves2



From the first picture I thought Penstemon, but not from the second, sorry!

25 Apr, 2023


reminds me of gypsophilia and annual night phox. Do you have a bird feeder that could have spilt seed? What did you grow in the pots last years? I'd be tempted to leave it and see what comes from them.

25 Apr, 2023


No bird feeder nearby, they are all round the other side of the house. We did try to grow some gyp last year but without success. The pots contained a variety of things last year....

25 Apr, 2023


perhaps it is the gyp from last year did you sow it as seed?

26 Apr, 2023


It was sown as seed but not in any of those particular pots I think. Like with the layered bulbs, I guess we just have to wait and see! Thanks for the responses -at least no one has immediately identified it as a tricky weed!

27 Apr, 2023


Things that come up all over the place are always weeds in my garden!

28 Apr, 2023


Further discussion with daughter produces the information that "I might have scattered the gyp seeds amongst many pots..." So that's probably the answer and we continue to wait. Certainly nothing appeared last year at all.

29 Apr, 2023

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