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By Marion1

Avon, United Kingdom Gb

Hello, last year I planted Verbena Bonariensis, I have noticed today that I have hundreds and hundreds of either weed or they have self seeded. They are growing through the existing Verbena and have spread quite a long way down. Do you know if they are weeds or have they self seeded, also what is the best way together rid of them, they are like a carpet at the moment and when I try and remove them with a hoe I am taking so much of the soil with them. Thanks.



They do set seed quite freely. but so do many other plants. a photo would help with the id.

when you hoe the idea is to leave the disturbed plants on the surface with the soil. the roots are exposed and unless they get rained on die off in a couple of days.
The only other alternatives are to either weed by hand or use a herbicide carefully.

23 Apr, 2023


I know some people love this plant but I'm not one of them. Planted it in my boarder many years ago and still finding them. They grow like weeds in my garden.

23 Apr, 2023


Thanks so much for your answers, I tried to upload photos but for some reason it says "something went wrong". I will presume they are the seedlings and get them. I agree with you Jimmy I think I may have made a huge mistake planting this! :)

29 Apr, 2023

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