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I am trying to identify this flowering plant, grown from seed in Australia and marked forgetmenot - obviously wrong. It could be from the Salvia family as it has blue/purply/white flowers just appearing but we can't pin it down. Thanks in anticipation.




Salvia madrensis maybe?

9 Feb, 2023


Thank you Thorneyside, I shall ask my daughter when it's her morning to take a look.

9 Feb, 2023


those flowers look as if they are going to be yellow!
S madrensis is a good shout if they stay yellow.

10 Feb, 2023


The flowers are blue and white. You can see one near the top on the right hand side of the spire. The story is that my daughter went to a wedding and instead of favours on each table, everyone had a small packet of flower seeds. Helena's packet had forget me not on it but as we now see that was wrong. I've asked for an update on the blooms.

17 Feb, 2023


unless that is what the Australians call forget me not.

common names may well be different over there.

18 Feb, 2023


My daughter doesn't seem to think so and she's been there for a few years, but thanks for your help Seaburngirl.

21 Feb, 2023

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