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By Cestina

South Bohemia, Czech Republic Cz

Two new sets of pink flowers have appeared in our garden. I think one may be a cistus though I seem to remember the original one not far away was white. I don't know at all what the other might be.
Can any one identify them please?

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either a cistus or helianthemum 'Rock rose' Could be a seedling from your white one. Just because the parent flowers are white doesn't mean the offspring are, there could be the genes for the pink colour 'hidden' in both the white parents.

The other pink flower looks like a member of the mallow family, going by the leaf. There are a few species to chose from.

19 Oct, 2022


Thanks Seaburngirl. Mallow was the word I couldn't think of. Will check it out.

20 Oct, 2022


The foliage of the first flower looks more like a rose than a rockrose, too me.

14 Nov, 2022

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