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Plant identification please, hi all, an old lady across the road gave me these 2 pots as she had dropped one, she isn’t sure whats in them, any ideas anyone




It looks to me like some kind of iris because of the corms.

15 Oct, 2022


Thanks cammomile, we were thinking along those lines, are they better in pots or the ground, all help is gratefully and graciously received

15 Oct, 2022


Is this what they look like now. Certainly Iris for the ones that have 'fans' of leaves and the tatty rhizomes on the surface. They have been in that pot for many years. They'd be happier in the ground.

16 Oct, 2022


Thanks seaburngirl , yeah that’s how I was given them, the second one is the same but pot not broken, will stick them in the soil today and let’s see what happens, thanks again

16 Oct, 2022


If they are Iris make sure that you plant them with the upper surface of the rhizome above the ground as it needs exposure to the sun to flower.

17 Oct, 2022

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