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I had some Gazanias for the first time this year and they are gorgeous. They are outside in the garden. What do I do over winter, do I cut them right down and bring them inside?



Gazania. These are very tender plants that can't cope with winter cold or wet, so they need to be kept somewhere the temperature doesn't fall below 7°C. Such tender plants can either be potted up individually and placed on the windowsill of a cool room, or placed under the staging in a heated conservatory or greenhouse.
I had two round my pond in the gravel, one survived the winter but it died the following year so I’m going to put this years ones I bought in my greenhouse & see if the survive in there?
I read, if you wish to bring your gazania indoors for the winter as a house plant, dig and pot them before the first hard fall frost. During the winter, give plants bright light but keep them cool and barely moist.

16 Sep, 2022


Thanx for your comment. I did think that was the right thing to do, bring them in. Should I cut them right down too?

20 Sep, 2022

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