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cordlyne problem


By Brucey

United Kingdom Gb

How can you tell a cordlyne is pot bound? Ours was a healthy plant but now it seems to have sprouted leaves a bit like bird of paradise shaped! they are also very tough. I think it may be pot bound but don't want to spend a fortune on a new pot only to discover this is not the problem.



Bi Brucey. I think we probably have different cordylines. Mine are all out in the garden in this tropical climate. I don't really know what shape those newly sprouted leaves have. Could you show us a picture of this? Is it a green or red cordyline?
Anyway, to tell if a plant is potboud test with a knife along the ede inside the pot. Is it nice and loose soil, soft and can you wriggle the knife in it? Then it is ok. If it is hard, you cannot move the knife, it all feels knotted and rooted, then yes. Repot it. Can you look underneath your pot and see if the roots are coming out the drainholes? How tall is your plant and how deep is your pot? Lots of things to take in consideration. I would put a picture here for us to see. Someone then can give you good advice.

26 Aug, 2008


yeah, that sounds like the right advice, check the holes at the bottom of the pot, or even more simply see if there is any signs of roots arising on the surface.

26 Aug, 2008

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