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South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

i have a plant gowing in the cabbage like leaves flowers that appeared in big white balls then opened out to long stems with small white hooked flowers the tip of the hook is purple and it has a strong herblike smell can u identify



this is where a photo would be invaluable. Dont recognise it from the description . sorry.

2 Oct, 2010


Sounds like ornamental cabbage. Not a cauliflower gone to seed is it?

2 Oct, 2010


cauli - flowers are pale yellow like any brassica Beattie. and i dont recognise the description at all

2 Oct, 2010


It sounds almost like one of the broader-leaved milkweeds, such as Asclepias latifolia. Still pretty vague though.

2 Oct, 2010


Sounds like an Allium to me. I think the guest means that it was growing in a cabbage patch? A rogue onion or garlic perhaps?

Asclepias are unlikely Tug. The only ones I have seen outside over here are A. syriaca and forms of A. incarnata. The two tender ones A. currasavica and A. tuberosa or even less seen outside.

ps, if you have access to seed of A. speciosa I'll pay for them Tug. I've been wanting this species for ages!

3 Oct, 2010


Sorry, Fractal, I don't have any myself, but I did find this:

Hope that helps!

I didn't even think of the possibility of an Allium, mainly due to the description of the leaves--don't know which one would be blooming at this time, anyway.

4 Oct, 2010


Thats great Tug, thanks for that link. Last time I looked on there....none.

4 Oct, 2010


Just bought a couple of packets! Thanks again.

4 Oct, 2010


Glad I could help!

4 Oct, 2010

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