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mushrooms on lawn

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how do you rid your lawn of exploding mushrooms



picking the mushrooms will do away with fresh spores...but the mushroom roots~~mycelium are present in the soil and probably have been there for some time...fungus mycelium are very difficult to eradicate completely as they can be huge and diffuse... the very best advice is, as Marguerite has said, just mow them over...or pick them and dispose...whatever you prefer. they only appear for a short time... I have inky caps and when they emerge I stomp them before the spores can ripen...I've also been told that the fresh inky caps are delicious but as far as I'm concerned they are not worth the trouble of identifying them.

26 Aug, 2008


should clarify..I didn't mean that the roots were large..I meant that they can cover a huge area..the roots themselves are threadlike.

27 Aug, 2008

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