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when to cut my cut screw willow

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hi i ve got acorkscrew willow when is the best time to cut this ive had it now for 2 years sorry but just left it to its own devices and i really dont want it to get mush bigger also is it possible to take cuttings from this



marquerite i m in scotland and you know what they say about scotland we do get a lot of rain sorry i did nt word it right its a corkscrew willow that i ve got its starting to get very big but sorry to say i ve just left it to its own devices so really needs cut back now many thanks

26 Aug, 2008


Willows should be pruned afer they have finished with their catkins. they produce them on wood grown the previous summer. So, if you prune in winter you are removing the branches which may have catkins on them. We have two Corkscrew willows and we prune one each year in May (ish) right back to the main trunk.
Cuttings will root even if put in upside down!

26 Aug, 2008


Mine doesn't get any catkins - it never has, I don't know why. I do keep it smallish by snipping bits off to keep the shape right, after it has started back into growth. Owdboggy is absolutely spot on about cuttings, our tree surgeon took some last year for us as we may have to remove the tree They all took! There is one quite near us that is a large tree as it has obviously never been touched, so I well know how big they can potentially grow!

26 Aug, 2008


no my corkscrew has nt had any catkins on it yet either i m surprised to hear that you can cut it right back to the main trunk thanks for that owdboggy

26 Aug, 2008

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