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When and how do you take Delphinium root cuttings and would they flower this year?



you can take root cuttings now, though I wouldn't expect them to flower this year.

found this info
Another method to propagate delphiniums is by using root cuttings. Cut 1 to 2 inches from a healthy root and plant in a pot containing moist potting mix with very little soil, placing the top of the root 1/2 inch above the soil line. Place the pot in a large plastic bag to maintain humidity. The plastic bag can be removed after 2 or 3 weeks when the roots begin to adjust to a lower level of humidity. New shoots should emerge within 3 months, but it can often take longer.

4 Apr, 2022


Thank you for that I will now give it a go.

4 Apr, 2022


I only planted them last year would it still be ok?

4 Apr, 2022


personally I wouldn't as the roots will not be that substantial but at the end of the day its your choice.

4 Apr, 2022


Thank you for that Seaburngirl I will try next year.

4 Apr, 2022

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