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last year I asked about nxt doors trees(3 oak,1 beech)well his neighbor told the council who came and told him to cut them down he had a massive hissy and cut all the branches off,the beech was lovely ,ust a update realy.
my question is all my garden is roots and i cant dig down more than 3inchs,I put in four david austin roses and they are dead along with all my other plants do oaks poison the ground or am i missing something



I checked the list of allelopathic trees and oak is not on the list though the beech tree is considered to have a slight allelopathic effect.. Here in the USA the Black Walnut is notorious for secreting the poison Jugalone which inhibits growth around it. I think the problem here is that the earth between the shallow roots of the tree has been compacted to be rock hard and the plantings cannot establish a viable root depth. To remove these roots one would need mechanical means.

6 Mar, 2022


How disappointing for you. Roses certainly wouldn't do in those conditions.If you can't get the roots removed and the earth replenished you might have to be happy with ground cover plants that will tolerate crevices in shallow soil between the roots. Alternatively you could consider making raised beds or, if you are set on roses, and that I understand, being a rose lover myself, you could plant some in very large pots.

6 Mar, 2022


thank you for the advice but my son has found the problem. Some one has poured creosote on my plants the lengh of my garden(I could not smell it),very petty so im going to have gravel put along and move what I can ty for the advice

7 Mar, 2022


So someone(seems to be a revenge act) entered your property and poured a poison on it?....I would suggest that a police report be filed on this criminal act. It might come in handy should the culprit be tempted to repeat this act and be caught doing it.

7 Mar, 2022


ty loosestrie2 got my local bobby to pop in,im cought in the middle of my neighbors on either side who are longstanding enemy's,one has over ten trees with leaves(shock and horrer)the other has concrete and does not like plants,think the concrete lover did it he is the only one who can access my garden ,i am avoiding both and if it escalates the boys will intervene and have a word,ty

8 Mar, 2022


What a horrid situation,Ladybug. I hope it can be sorted without more unpleasantness and you manage to gtow some colour for the summer.

8 Mar, 2022


What a rotten trick Ladybug, it must be terrible to have to live between people like that, is there anyway you can stop the access route, if you plant in pots it would be okay but if one is capable of poisoning the ground then there is no tellings what the idiot would do to your pots....

10 Mar, 2022


ty all the boys are fencing off my garden with 8ft fence.He told me not to grow anything on my fence as it might go in his garden,ive been nice that has ended.
been doing my baskets all day will look lovely and the boys got me two roses their in tubs gardeners delight and elizabeth well chuffed

11 Mar, 2022


Oh bless them, I'm so pleased to hear that, now you can look forward to having lovely shrubs and flowers without the worry of an "idiot," (too polite but not allowed to say what I'm really thinking) destroying them, as to being nice to any of them, I'm afraid I agree with you, who needs folks like that, you certainly don't...

11 Mar, 2022


My first thought was you could grow Japanese anemones (see my question above) as it seems nothing will kill them. Then I read further and realised what an awful time you’re having. I feel very sorry for you, as I’m sure all of us on GOY do.

I too have a tree problem next door and it not be long before we’ll have to do without sunlight as the house owner keeps planting tall shrubs and trees then neglecting them. So you are not alone with this problem. I do think, though, you should complain to the Council as what was done to your roses is definitely illegal.

12 Mar, 2022

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