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hello all,I would like the opinion of you all,many of you may know my fight with the local cat population, which cover will deter them going on my garden,gravel,wood chip or paveing.
your input would help ty christine



I’ve had the same problem on my front lawn. Yesterday I collected up about 8 little deposits, the most I’ve had. I think there are two or more cats trying to mark their territory. I sprayed the area with Bog Off which smells horrible but as soon as it rains it will need doing again.

Another effective treatment is to scatter some hot chilli powder. I don’t think this harms the cat but does make it go elsewhere. Again, renew after rain. Meanwhile I need a method of telling the moggies that it’s MY territory!

9 Feb, 2022


the bog off worked but i spent £30 one month,i will try chilli there's at least 7 cats ty

9 Feb, 2022


I'm told chilli is cruel to cats, they use their paws to wipe their eyes & fur when cleaning themselves

Try a pinch of chilli in your eye or other tender moist part of your body and you'll find it is not pleasant especially as the only remedy to the cat is wipe their eyes /affected area with chilli coated paws.

Not preaching, just saying

I think paving would be better, nothing for them to scratch up to hide the mess, and if they do then a bucket of water will be an easy wash down

Or get a West Ham footballer for a neighbour? :-)

10 Feb, 2022


ty grandad gar,my son says he will look into paving for me.I wont be doing the chilli as i have two cats also, they are house cats so its not them .Just noticed nearly all my bulbs have been dug up.

10 Feb, 2022


I don't have any grass but I've put the shelves (steel grills) from my mini greenhouse over my borders which has deterred all the cats where I live, from digging in the soil. p.s. I must remember to take them with us when we move!

10 Feb, 2022


I bought a lemon scented spray to deter cats, from a Garden centre once & it really worked & stopped my cat from using some gravel that was in a neighbour's garden. It smelt lovely too. They don't usually like strong citrus

10 Feb, 2022


feverfew and cammomile,ty I like these, I do have the wire shelves , knew they would be useful ty

16 Feb, 2022


I would never use chilli again. i once touched my eye when there was a little on my finger and I wouldn't wish the effect on my worst enemy. I had a big bag from the Asian shop to stop a badger climbing a bank and voles from eating bark from a shrub but have never used it since. NEVER. I reckon paving is your best bet.

19 Feb, 2022

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