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Can identify this tree for me


By Stu

Cleveland, United Kingdom Gb

I wonder if anyone can identify this tree for me, I appreciate it's a long shot but I thought the shape & trunk might be a clue. I would have photographed the leaves but it was raining at the time.
It's at our son's property but he has no interest in gardening, I asked him if it flowers or fruits, he said he didn't think so! The tree is obviously very old by the size of it.
My reason for asking is that it's evergreen.

Image0_a_ Image1a



Not sure what it is, we really need a view of the leaves. lower and higher up as some plants change the shape as the plant matures [Ivy and Holly do this] It could be one of several. See if any one else can make a suggestion

27 Dec, 2021


As Eileen says, a close-up would be preferable but by the shape of the tree; being a multi-stem and evergreen, I would suggest it's a Taxus (Yew).

28 Dec, 2021


It looks to me like a broadleaf evergreen. Maybe a Holly Oak? Or maybe a true holly (Ilex), one of the Inkberry hybrids.

30 Dec, 2021


Thank you everyone for your suggestions. The next time we visit our son I will take a photo of the leaves

30 Dec, 2021

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