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What to do with lavender? My daughter has just moved into her first house and inherited several lavender plants that seem to have finished flowering. They're a bit straggly and I don't know what to do with them. They would be pretty if they revived so I don't want to remove them, but am not at all sure what to do with them as I've not had much success with lavender in my own garden. Can I cut them back without losing them?



Lavender can't be cut back into old wood. Usual procedure with lavender should be to trim them back a couple of times a year, taking the spent flower stems and about an inch of foliage each time. If that's not done, the plants get leggy old wood on them, and need replacing, so if your daughter's ones look leggy and woody, its probably time to replace them.

26 Sep, 2010


Thank you Bamboo. I'm hoping they haven't reached that stage quite yet, but will take a closer look at them before doing anything.

26 Sep, 2010


Take lots of cuttings and root them in a gritty compost, they are quite easy to root.

26 Sep, 2010


I gave mine a good tidy up with garden shears, making sure I didn't go too far into the older wood .... just a decent haircut!

27 Sep, 2010

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