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Dying leaves on my Peace lily

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During last summer I divided a four year old, perfectly healthy Spathiphyllum (Peace lily). Now the leaves are dying off very quickly, even though I get lots of healthy new foliage coming through all the time. It's presently about to flower too. Can anyone tell me what's wrong please?

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to be honest it is sometimes hard to say, it looks to me as if it has been overwatered and/or has a virus. judging by the white on the top of the soil, i would say that it has possibly been over watered at some stage, even if it has now dried out this can cause fungus in the soil that may cause a virurs, which could have this effect. sometimes you get this white stuff on the soil if it is just old and needs replacing. or if the plant is around too much dry heat (radiators) it could be one of the above reasons or a combination of all of the above. is the soil damp and slimey to touch? if so this would mean it has been overwatered and sitting in water at some stage that has gone stale.

my advice is this; you can do one of two things, if you think it is just a case that the soil is old and needs replacing i would remove all dead and dying bits and dig out the top layer (about an inch should do) and top dress it with new house plant compost, and give it a good feed and keep well away from radiators, then repot it in the spring once it has finished flowering..

if you think it is one of the other things i have said virus and/or overwatering, i am affaid you have little choice but to remove it completely from the pot shake off as much of the old soil as poss and repot it in to fresh and take care not to overwater. if you do this i would also cut off any damaged bits and any flowers damaged or not, so that the energy goes into re-establishing the root system in the new soil. but there is a risk involved in this because it wont like being repotted in the winter but it will die if you don't. good luck.

13 Jan, 2008


Did the lily recover. I have similar trouble. If it recovered, what did u do ? Cheers

29 Dec, 2010


I agree w/ Majeekahead in almost every way. The only thing he didn't mention about the white build up on top of the soil & sometimes around the rim of the pot at the the soil level & above can be caused by using too much liquid fertilizer.
It certainly wouldn't hurt to take the plant out of it's pot; get as much of that crusty, white stuff off (preferably all of the soil & use fresh soil); & give the pot a good scrubbing with bleach (& soap, if you wish) before repotting it w/ a good mix of potting soil & some compost, if you're privy to it. You may want to add a little vermiculite to make up for the amt. of compost.
I would also cut the unhealty leaves off & spray all of the leaves you have left w/ a fungicide. You should water & drain the plant well, b4 taking it out of it's pot, too. You can cut the leaves sickly leaves off b4 you take it out as well; make sure your hands are very clean; & then repot, & spray w/ fungicide after repotting, if you wish, being positive you get the tops AND the bottoms of the leaves. Clean your knife or scissors, too, w/ rubbing alcohol after taking off those diseased leaves, so you don't transfer a fungus &/or virus to another plant!
If you cover the roots with burlap, an old sheet, a towel, newspaper (et al), I can't think of any reason you should have to wait for spring to repot, as long as you have everything prepared for the repotting before hand. You'll be bringing it inside as soon as you're finished anyway!
Dianne Acosta

19 Jun, 2012

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