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Anyone know what creature has been enjoying my beetroot. I do like to share but not this much!!

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going by the chisel tooth marks it will be a rodent [rat/mouse/squirrel] or lagamorph [rabbit/hare].

17 Sep, 2021


I was thinking so also - something with very sharp front teeth. Squirrel? Rabbit? Mouse? Mole? They're all suspect!

17 Sep, 2021


Well, moles eat bugs and worms, but a gopher should probably be in the line up. They tend to work from underneath, though.

18 Sep, 2021


thankfully we don't get gophers in the UK Tug and as you say moles eat mainly worms. we have enough problems with rabbits etc. We do get deer but they don't leave this sort of dental mark.

18 Sep, 2021


Thank you everyone. I think possibly it is voles as we have lots around but hadn't even thought of them, mice at a push but thought too many beets munched and no other signs, which goes for rats too. The whole veggie plot is surrounded by rabbit proof fencing and though I have seen a very frightened rabbit climb the fence once there is so much other food around for them plus the beet tops remain untouched.

18 Sep, 2021


I have raccoons to worry about and nothing seems to deter them.

18 Sep, 2021

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