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Can anyone please identify this? It’s appeared from nowhere and has grown very rapidly. Before I remove it as a weed, I’d like to see if there’s another identification. Many thanks

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looks like a willow seedling/sapling. the seed is wind blown and I get lots of these in the garden.It needs to come out.

19 Aug, 2021


It looks willowish to me too, it will grow big very quickly so I'd get rid of it ASAP.

19 Aug, 2021


It looks like a member of the genus Prunus, to me. It's missing the leaf-like stipules of Salix, and it has Prunus-style glands where the leaf blade joins the leaf stem.

22 Aug, 2021


originally i was going to go for a cherry tree sucker then went willow.

Either way it needs to come out.

23 Aug, 2021


Yep! Not a good place for any sort of bush or tree.

30 Aug, 2021

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