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Busy Lizzies

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I have two beds in different areas of the garden and the leaves and flowers are dropping off and just leaving stems. I have always grown them and I have never had this happen before. I know of one other gardener in the area thats had the same problem

On plant Impetiens



I haven't an answer because I was going to ask exactly the same question. Over the past week or so my flower bed and 2 large troughs containing Impetians have been decimated in exactly the same way. I can find no evidence of any sort of pest. Begonias in very close proximty have been unaffected.


24 Aug, 2008


Assuming that you live in Britain, it's probably the cold, wet summer that we've been subjected to this year. Begonias are tougher, just!

24 Aug, 2008


We've had a lot of questions about Busy Lizzies failing this year - I am sure that it IS the weather. You are not alone!

25 Aug, 2008


Barbara...i couldnt have put it better myself...

25 Aug, 2008

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