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Morning all. I’m not sure if any will remember myself seeing I haven’t logged in for 5 years. So I’m after a little advice. I’m going to taking over the garden maintenance of a bloke we’re carrying out work for. I’m in the Uk, he wants low maintenance plants etc. But the garden gets the sun until around 5pm. So just after some ideas or perhaps places I could look etc to get a better idea of suited plants. Thank you for any help and it’s nice to be back lol.



Hardy geraniums remain slug-free and come in all different heights and colours.

25 Jul, 2021


Thank you, I shall add that to my notes.

25 Jul, 2021


Many grasses are also very easy going … I recommend Stipa tenuissima, Anemanthele and Carex Bowles golden sedge.

25 Jul, 2021


Thank you Sheilabub. I will add that to my notes also. I’m going to get a range of colours, species etc and see what path he wants to follow. He understands I’m not a gardener but someone that enjoys gardening. So learning as I do. Well will be.

25 Jul, 2021


Obviously, avoid formally trimmed hedges or topiaries, and large tracts of lawn.
For flowers, look for compact, slow speading, perennial varieties, such as cushion mums, reblooming tall bearded Iris, miniature tall bearded Iris (a.k.a. table Iris) dwarf Coreopsis grandiflora and its hybrids, Allwood hybrid pinks, 'Ladybird' poppies, dwarf and midsized daylilies, etc.
For shrubs, look for dwarf varieties that look good with minimal pruning, unless the property is very large, and you can let large shrubs develop to full size. Be patient: anything fast growing isn't going to stop until it is quite large. The rules of thumb are "sparse the 1st year=beautiful the 3rd" and "beautiful the 1st year='machete time!' the 3rd"! Also, add 20%-30% to the sizes listed on the plant tags in the garden center--the growers want to sell job lots of plants, while you want to get just the right number.

27 Jul, 2021


Thank you Tugbrethil that’s really helpful and informative of you. I’ve only just checked in so sorry for the delayed thank you.

30 Jul, 2021

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