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I need cat deterrents for the garden and i know gardeners are the best to ask,next doors got four and they are going all over my garden and my plants are dieing



We removed our Nepeta (cat mint) because cats are drawn to it, but we still get visits from next door’s cat … I think our freshly dug soil is the appeal! Hopefully you will get some useful suggestions.

15 Jul, 2021


ty sheila maybe i should remove mine,i once new a lady who's son worked at a lion park and she would sprinkle the poo worked a treat, anyone got a pet lion

15 Jul, 2021


you can buy lion poo on line and at some garden centres.
chilli pepper powder sprinkled on freshly dug soil works on some cats.

16 Jul, 2021


I use hot cury powder but it has to be replaced after rain. Seems to work though.

16 Jul, 2021


ty i will try anything,will look online for lion poo ty again

16 Jul, 2021


just ordered on amazon 3.99 for one pack will give it a go and rate it,called silent roar

16 Jul, 2021


Please don't use chilli powder! I used some to deter a badger from climbing a bank behind a flower bed. I accidentally got a tiny bit in my eye and i wouldn't wish the pain on my worst enemy.

Sheila is right about freshly dug soil - its wonderful for little paws to dig in. Let is harden a bit so its harder for them to scrape. You can also get ultrasonic cat repellers

19 Jul, 2021


Get this and buy that.....why should you spend your time and money to solve a problem that your neighbor is giving to you at no cost to them? I do not live in the UK but there must be some district regulatory agency that can put a lid on this problem. Examples: is there a legal limit on the number of cats one can have?....if so and they are over that number file a complaint; are these cats required to be registered in your local district....if so and they are not wearing collars with tags, file a complaint. Call animal control and have them lend you traps to catch these cats where they can be removed from your property and for a fee or fine your neighbor can get them back. You get the idea? Take action where some official or mailman with a register letter to sign for will be knocking on their door and giving THEM a nice big headache......not you.

19 Jul, 2021


In this country you are responsible for keeping your dog under control but there is no such requirement for cats.
Its not all bad as they do catch pests - ours caught a rat today. I would rather have the cat than those...
If you have freshly dug soil they can be deterred from digging if you put some rose prunings or length of bramble over it.But the lion poo should work.

20 Jul, 2021


You do have a point yorkslass. When Pope Gregory IX issued a Bull stating that cats were in league with satan and cats in Europe were massacred almost to extinction the Bubonic plague-fueled by rats and fleas-caused many in the human race to -as in the children’s rhyme- “All Fall Down.”

21 Jul, 2021

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