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Spreading ground cover plant...this plant with blue flowers has suddenly appeared in the garden - definitely not planted. can anyone ID please before i decide to leave it or remove it...thanks




Vinca minor

26 Jun, 2021


Prunella vulgaris aka Self Heal. Pretty weed but an absolute thug in the wrong place.

26 Jun, 2021


Yes its Prunella vulgaris. often found in grass and unless the mower blades are really low you'll hardly cut the flowers off. The bees love them.

26 Jun, 2021


A beautiful wildflower which as Seaburn says is loved by bees. You can purchase the pink variety of this in some garden centres. Leave is possible.

26 Jun, 2021


Honeysuckle, I didn't know there was a pink variety. I'll have a look for it online. It's a lovely wildflower.

26 Jun, 2021


There are pink and white versions that are sold as rockery plants. I had a white one many years ago.

27 Jun, 2021

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