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Geraniums propagation

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I bought a load of geraniums this year and I would like to take cuttings, can anyone tell me how to do it, Ive seen some web sites on it but Im afraid I cant make much sense of them . Thanks for any help you can give me



Easy katey heel cuttings are your best bet...simply pull them off the mother plant pot them up and there you are....
best wishes

24 Aug, 2008


Thanks Buff, going to give it a go now , Im great with other cuttings but these have thrown me for some reason.

24 Aug, 2008


I give them a month or so root time in a perlite vermiculite mix so the roots can form in loose moist material before going in soil. Clear containers, you can make sure that moisture remains, though geranium doesn't seem to care if it dries a little.

25 Aug, 2008

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