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hi have not been on this site for a while i have a plant that looks like a low growing yucca but has started to sprout a long flower stem which is about 6 feet and is growing by the minute ...anybody have any ideas what this plant is called ?



it could well be a yucca or at this time of year i was thinking more Eremurus Foxttail lily. The foliage does come from the soil level and i can see why you might think Yucca.

can you post a photo?

There is a picture of my foxtail lily part way down my blog

15 Jun, 2021


Yucca and Phormium both produce flowers at times - they are always on a long stem with flowers clustered towards the top half of the stem. The flower stem is longer with a Phormium than that of a Yucca. Without a photo, its not possible to say whether its Yucca or Phormium, but the flower stalk sounds as it should be.

16 Jun, 2021

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