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By Diadon

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

help please, i have 2 eating apple trees and 1 cooker, also 1plum in a square with a pear tree in the middle. against my will i am spraying the trees because 2 of the apple trees,(laxton superb and howgate wonder) and also the plum (victoria) and pear (conference) have lots of problems with codling moth and other insects eating them, whilst the other tree (james greaves) has no problems at all. i am losing up to about 30 % on the affected trees. any advice gladly accepted, each tree is approx; 10 foot apart from each other



We do not spray, but use the Pheromone traps for both Codlin moth and Plum moth. They keep about 90 percent of the fruit free.

23 Sep, 2010


Confirm the pheremone traps for apples work very well - much better for you, the environment and the tree.

23 Sep, 2010


sorry i have'nt replied before. thanks for your answers. i did try the pheromone traps a few years ago for a couple of seasons, but they made no difference, still i will try them again next year and hope it goes better next time. once again thanks

25 Sep, 2010

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