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What's wrong with my Fatsia Japonica?

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

This year I bought a Fatsia and put it in a pot, where it has grown beautifully. Now I've noticed that the newer leaves are full of holes - the lacey effect. On the underside, there is something that looks like rust. The emerging leaf buds are absolutely covered in it. I can't see any insects or catarpillars but that doesn't mean there aren't any, does it? I never use chemicals but I might be tempted in this case if you think I should.



The rusty stuff is called 'indumentum' and is normal on the young shoots and leaves. The holes are caused by bugs but unfortunately by the time you see the damage it is too late to protect them with a spray. The holes don't harm the plant but as you say they are unsightly, they become less noticeable as the shrub gets larger with more leaves. It also seems to be a temporary problem on my Fatsia and other leaves go unharmed. This plant is completely hardy despite its looks so you can plant it in the garden if you want to.

5 Sep, 2008

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