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I have two pots of neglected agapanthus in pot. One pot produced two flowers only. What should I do with them over winter?




Ideally you should find somewhere (garage or green house will do) that protects them from frost. "Over Wintering"

I help a friend with hers. We use large trays with a little water in and stand the pots in there. The leaves may fall off just tidy those up as they die off. Check on them in the Spring, bring them out Mayish depending on what the weather is like - watch out for night-time frosts.

Water them they should be okay.

Normally the advice is not to disturb the plants, but it might do to see if you can repot them next year or at least replace some of the soil. You can stand them in watering trays or pot base to keep them moist in the summer.

Hope that helps, if they flower well they will be worth the effort

Kind Regards


27 Aug, 2008

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