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Lately I've come across plants I don't recognize & can't name, which makes me feel a little frustrated!

One is small blue bulb with Bluebell-like flowers. They are smaller & a darker blue than Bluebells. They have been in place for several years now & it irks me not knowing what they are called! I'm sure I planted them & the bulbs probably came from the 99p Stores or perhaps from £land or even possibly Wilkos.

As I have a few Bluebells in another tub on the balcony I can compare them directly without the need to try to remember their colours or to compare them in photos.

I include a photo of both bulbs taken the same week so a comparison can be made.

Unidendified_blue_bulb_on_balcony_8th_may_2021_001 Bluebells_grape_hyacinths_on_balcony_4th_may_2021



Scilla sibirica.

25 May, 2021


Thanks very much for identifying this "unidentified blue bulb", Owdboggy, as the Siberian squill, Scilla siberica! 👍

25 May, 2021


I dont think it is, they flower in March/April.
I just think these might be a hybrid bluebell.

Or it could be Brimeura amethystina.

25 May, 2021


Flower shape is wrong for Brimeura.
My sibirica are just about to begin flowering now.

26 May, 2021


wow they are late Owd, mine finished mid April, seed pods are just about ripe now.

26 May, 2021


My Bluebells are also setting seed but the Scillas don't be appearing to set any. I tried to get one last photo yesterday but the flowers were screwed up & had almost disappeared so I couldn't get one.

27 May, 2021

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