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sorry again for my lack of knowledge as its time for a stupid question!!!

If I buy a pack of seeds, how many do I sow in each pot? For instance, pepper seeds, do I plnt one by one, or a couple together of the pack in one pot? the same question really for any vegetable seeds?



Don't apologise - everyone started learning sometime. And I suspect most people on this site would agree that we're all still learning!! My answer to this would be "It Depends". Helpful, hmm? Seeds for transplanting to their final destination can be sown quite thickly but if you're planting them in their final position then it's different. Peppers, I would say 1 to a pot (or perhaps 2 if you have enough seeds and discard the weaker of the two as they develop). The instructions on the packet will give you an idea of what to do but I tend to use the BBC gardening web site and ask Mr Google for help! There are *so many* plants that it's difficult to generalise. Hope this is of some help ...

23 Aug, 2008

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