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By Daylily

West Midlands, England Eng

Hi all I feel this is a silly question, but I have planted my Rosa Peace in the ground and buried the graft so I have 3 stems, although one doesnt seem to be growing anything on it, will it grow new stems from underground or would they be suckers that are no good , many thanks



You should cut any shoots coming from below the graft. That is not the rose you bought and they will cause the grafted rose (the one you want to keep) to wither and die.

13 May, 2021


if you have buried the graft then you could scrape soil away so there is a depression around the stem. Or sucker leaves will usually be 7 or more leaflets per leaf, if they are paler green or more leaflets and look different to the Peace leaves then they will be suckers so pull the stem off.

13 May, 2021


Many thanks both

14 May, 2021

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