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Camellia and frost help please
Frost is forecast for my area but my camellia is in flower
Will it get damaged? I don’t have any fleece. I could move them near the house wall or possibly even inside




Fleece would have been good, but yes, move them close to the house wall and if you have a sheet of plastic, just loosely fix that over, but make sure you remove it first thing in the morning.

3 Apr, 2021


yes I agree, give it protection if you can.

3 Apr, 2021


And if you can move it to a place that doesn't get early sun. Damage can be caused to the flowers if frosting is thawed too quickly.

3 Apr, 2021


I’ve moved them already! They’re now very near the house and where they won’t get morning sun
Thank you so much for all the help. I took advice from Growsonyou last spring and repotted and fed them and they’ve done so well. They’re a present from my daughter and I’d have been very sad if they’d got damaged.

3 Apr, 2021

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